Welcome to Whiskyexpo 2014

Kenneth Lindblad i samarbete med Brigaden Restaurang & Konferens

Thank you all for a well executed trade show!
We would like to thank the vendors and exhibitors, and all visitors from 
this year’s show! All of you who made it the success it was!

Read Correns article!

We hope you are pleased with the visit and we’ll see you next year!
Before then, you are welcome to visit BEER EXPO which will take place on March 8!

Thanks for this year! Mass Generals Kenneth & Richard Lindblad

PS We will update this page as soon as possible with this year’s mingling pictures etc! 

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Mingle photos and videos from previous fairs

Do not miss!  
Linköping Beer Expo

March 8th, 2014 at Brigaden!



 Mingle photos and videos from previous fairs